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ontemporary tech solutions often prove to be true game-changers. They bring unprecedented improvements in different areas, help us see the bigger picture and easily solve complex problems.

  1. Technology in agriculture
  2. Technology in safety
  3. Technology in access to information
  4. Technology in education
  5. Technology and society
  6. Technology and healthcare
  7. Technology and sustainability

Modern technological innovations frequently show to be real game changers. They enable us to view the broad picture and handle complicated issues with ease while bringing about previously unheard-of breakthroughs in several fields. It’s fantastic to hear some good news, therefore let’s look at some IT examples that have a beneficial influence on society.

In this piece, I discuss:

the benefits of technological solutions;

amazing instances of these solutions in several fields;

“Tech treats & treasures” is my book.

I firmly think that we, as tech producers and consumers, choose the course that technology takes. Fortunately, there are a lot of innovative thinkers, scientists, and tech enthusiasts who are enthusiastic about turning the problems that ordinary people face into problems that technology can solve.

The past several years have shown how technological solutions developed in response to a crisis alter our overall perspective on how we live, work, communicate, and assist one another. Researched patterns, statistics from studies, and other projects demonstrate that we are in the #SocialImpactTechnology age.

Agriculture technology

Data has more power than we can ever comprehend. Technology can provide answers to fundamental concerns as a result of advancing climate change and limiting access to natural resources worldwide.

Farm Wild Ken Hill

Peter Job first introduced me to Wild Ken Hill Farm’s incredible regenerative farming concept. Synthetic pesticides and fertilizers are discouraged in favor of more traditional methods. Together with Wild Ken Hell, Peter Job has been investigating ways to maximize existing data modeling forecasts using machine learning-based predictive models.

Green Wrap

The other intriguing piece of information comes from Linda Achan and concerns the humble potato and the amazing potential it has for the future. It’s incredible how many various products can be made from potato trash. We all need to recognize the worth of this widely available and democratic vegetable.

safety technology

We must take into account facilitating the work of public safety agencies while considering how to assist common safety.

Flow of Fire

I learned about Fire Flow via Dave Roberts, a digital tool created by in collaboration with Thames Water and the London Firebrigade. Thanks to technology, firefighters may examine each individual hydrant’s flow and firefighting capabilities.

They are aware of which hydrants to utilize, where to send station equipment, and how to use ways to travel as Based on local capacity and fire flow needs, Fire Flow assigns a classification to each London building. Data is transferred between water providers and the fire department quickly and accurately. Additionally, it is used into new development programs to increase building security.

Information access through technology

Nowadays, we absorb information differently and more quickly thanks to the internet and other technological advancements. Our behavior and an algorithm that sends us many messages determine what breaking news is for us.

the report

Brian Brackenborough brought up an intriguing point: rather than technology itself being harmful, it’s how we as humans use it.

Technology in the classroom

Technology has made some very amazing advancements in schooling. Global information is becoming more accessible, and new methods of instruction and cutting-edge technology are revolutionizing the way we learn.

Greetings Collection

According to Eileen Jennings-Brown, CIO of Exscientia and Director of Emerge Technical Solutions Ltd., the audio-visual team restored accessibility and safety to several Wellcome’s Gallery elements during the COVID-19 epidemic. The group came up with a number of alternatives to using or handling the museum’s device. For instance, they included headphone connectors so customers’ own equipment could be put in and the recording would start playing back instantly.

Foot switches were employed in place of conventional buttons, and an infrared trigger was used to turn on the lights and begin playing videos. just what For more advanced controls, they included real-time 3D modeling of visitors’ hands. The icing on the cake is a touch-free gesture control interface from inconspicuous sensors that enables scrolling through a picture gallery by merely waving hands. And I adore how the team encapsulates this outstanding accomplishment. They have only added “a little bit of audio-visual magic” to the experience as a whole. Brilliant.

Educate Me

Education, a broad field of endeavor, may also be seen as the creation of a professional community where individuals of various educational backgrounds can share information, experiences, opinions, and ideas. Zoe Morris brought up a fantastic program called Mentor Me that was started in 2021. For a period of six months, it pairs women working in the technology sector with experts in that subject who have more expertise. mentorship system. After the program, participants intend to further their careers by developing their skills and knowledge.

Society and technology


COVID-Lockdowns related to the pandemic of 19 were a significant development that happened very immediately. Since it had an impact on our social connections, it was challenging for practically everyone. As the crisis persisted for months, a lot of us battled valiantly. Caroline Carruthers has clarified what is most crucial in virtual meetings and communications. We need to be able to see and hear each other, schedule productive meetings and chats, and share calls with everyone we need to talk to at once. Technology already provides us with that, but up to the year 2020, we seemed to take it for granted.


The epidemic fundamentally altered how people felt about online meetings and business in general. The primary benefit of remote work and communication is the rising significance of include handicapped individuals in society. Tracey Jessup highlighted the House of Lords in the UK and the Lords Members who were unable to attend the House due to a long-term disability as an example.

It merely demonstrates how the pandemic-related solutions that had to be implemented altered how every person of the organization benefited, regardless of health.

Airborne Binary

According to Flying Binary asserts that “Deep tech is where engineering meets scientific discoveries,” and it’s hard not to concur. Dr. Jacqui Taylor shared her expertise in web science in 2009 at a meeting of research experts at the Royal Society. and made her inclusive project a reality. Web science business FlyingBinary, which has received NCSC Cyber Essentials accreditation, uses cutting-edge technology to transform the globe.

Cloud, data, and collaboration services on G-Cloud platforms approved by the UK government, including Smart Cities, AI, Big Data, and IIoT. Top ten worldwide IoT innovators helping businesses expand online. They encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs, help them discover their abilities, and let the world see them. According to Dr. Taylor

BCS, or the British Computer Society

Freddie Quek offers another intriguing perspective on inclusiveness in the software industry. He reasoned that if He reasoned that he had to be the change if he wanted things to improve.

Tech workers are skilled at handling disruption and technical changes since they deal with many of these situations throughout the course of their employment. If one individual does one action at a time, just think of the good that can be done. The key to a brighter digital future for everybody is just taking action and sharing information and experience.

Healthcare and technology

Anyone who has faced with a major medical issue, such as cancer, in themselves or a loved one understands the importance of getting good treatment.


Mark Lockton-Goddart resolved to do more for the excellent individuals who work in hospices after 15 years of supporting them. He began collaborating with a variety of hospices because many of them run with very little technical assistance. He provided technological strategy guidance and was elected head of HQP: The Care Procurement Specialist, a nonprofit organization that acts as a buying group for hospices across the US. It enables hospices to band together and negotiate the best price on essential goods and services.

Call Ave

I’m really proud of this endeavor, which is close to my heart. Ask Ave is a chatbot for health that Cancer Central developed. A version of Ask Ave helped NHS Scotland manage more than 1 million patients throughout the epidemic. This version was developed by our partners Ensono Digital in response to one million Covid-19 inquiries. Ask Ave for the NHS Inform website won the Best Public Sector Project and Best Cloud-Native Project awards from the Computing Digital Technology Leader Awards in 2021 and 2022, respectively. Let me read you a few remarks from Mathew Mallet, the project’s coordinator.

Sustainability and technology

LLC Energy Wells

The UN pledges to accomplish its core objectives of fair employment and economic growth, industry, innovation, and infrastructure via sustainable economic, social, and environmental development. Despite the fact that 20 trillion cubic feet of natural gas are still untapped in sub-Saharan Africa, 600 million Africans still go without power. According to Linda Achan

Seems brilliant, doesn’t it? Furthermore, Linda added, natural gas may replace kerosene and wood burning, assisting in the reduction of deforestation and fire dangers. On the other side, access to inexpensive power would encourage e-commerce and permit cold storage, which is essential for food security.

Sustainable enterprise

Sustainability is no longer a fad or a shrewd public relations ploy. It’s essential in many ways than just preventing climate change or lowering carbon footprint. Being genuine with clients who are aware of the issue is the key to operating a sustainable business. Sustainability was brought up by Sean Sadler as a crucial component of the business’s portfolio. He provided three advantages of being intentionally and really sustainable.

the chance to reevaluate your company approach,

the potential for long-term cost savings,

the chance to boost your agility and speed to market by utilizing the most recent technologies.

There are several permanent solutions that may be put in place because technology is a key factor in addressing climate change challenges. One of these entails switching from “expensive, power-hungry data centers” to cloud settings that are more carbon neutral. Sean emphasized that major cloud service providers like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS give tools to help you determine your carbon footprint while utilizing their products. But let’s be real and confront the facts:

This article just serves as a brief preview of the content of Avril Chester’s “Tech treats & treasures.” a compilation of quick stories and technological pearls of wisdom.

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Avril Chester is the Chief Technology Officer at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, a recognized leader in the field of technology, a seasoned CTO, an author, a podcast host, and a survivor of cancer. She has a strong interest in social impact technology. She enjoys a delicious meal, having huge aspirations, and laughing.

Avril is recognized in Computer Weekly’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 Women in IT Awards long list of the most powerful women in UK technology for 2022, 2021, and 2020. She is also the creator of Cancer Central, which was named the 2019 HealthTech Innovation of the Year by Digital Leaders.

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