The Top 5 tech podcasts for entrepreneurs to stay informed & motivated | 2049

Move over, Netflix. There is a new powerful trend in the digital streaming world that has little to do with video. Podcasting has been growing exponentially in the last few years.

  1. Darknet Diaries
  2. How I Built This with Guy Raz
  3. ITInsights
  4. The Deep Dive
  5. Unchained
  6. It’s Not Rocket Science
  7. The 3 Digital Amigos
  8. Conclusion

Even while it’s hard to estimate the precise quantity in use today, some estimates put it at more over 2,4 million podcasts.

This diversity is caused by two things.

The majority of podcasts are accessible for free on the most widely used digital platforms, which almost everyone has access to. For the creators, it means having access to a large audience throughout the world with comparatively little work and expense. Nowadays, any smartphone can record you, produce an audio file, and publish it to the top podcast providers, such as Spotify, Apple, or Google. This also holds true for “consuming” podcasts. Currently, there are an estimated 120 million listeners in the US alone, which is very enticing.

As a result, today almost anybody can launch a podcast. To launch one, there are neither explicit criteria nor prerequisites. No regulating authority checks the information supplied or the subjects addressed. Instead of scientific correctness, episodes are mostly reviewed for explicit or offensive material. As a result, laypeople are frequently motivated to claim their 15 seconds of fame by presenting themselves as authorities in particular disciplines.

News is the second-most popular podcast category, according to research. This is a fairly broad category that frequently draws from the IT field, and the selection is very extensive. Finding worthwhile proposals with worthwhile substance is still difficult.

In order to save you time, we have compiled a list of the best 5 podcasts about technology that may keep you informed and inspired. They address subjects that are especially important in the twenty-first century, such as cybercrime, innovation strategies, the blending of technology and business, cultural insights, and anything crypto-related.

Darknet Journals

You might be shocked to learn that this podcast is even on our list. Everyone agrees that the darknet is detrimental and immoral in society. Swatting, providing drug cartels with ransomware, and extorting celebrities are hardly admirable models to imitate. But there is no denying the presence of an online black market.

Ironically, every hack teaches us something important by revealing flaws in the “legitimate” society that we otherwise would not be aware of. It doesn’t imply that the program supports illegal behavior. On the other hand, To comprehend how this parallel universe functions, Jack Rhysider speaks with social scientists, darknet users, and specialists in cybercrime. He wants to inspire listeners to better defend themselves from the possible risks of the darknet through his study.

why it is included

You’ll be kept on your toes by each episode, which airs every two weeks and feels like a chapter of a television crime drama. Except that these are actual, grim tales.

Using Guy Raz, I Built This

At some point in their entrepreneurial career, every start-up founder has surely wondered, “Why didn’t I think of this idea before?” When anything is first created or established, it appears rational and evident. The histories of the most well-known digital platforms and applications are less obvious. They can occasionally be more engaging than the works of art itself.

Why did the creator of Bumble quit Tinder? Who was the first host on Airbnb? Or why, despite its widespread influence, is Wikipedia still a non-profit? The presenter will make an effort to answer all of your perplexing queries regarding everything you use on the internet. And perhaps one of those tales can serve as inspiration for your upcoming IT undertaking.

why it is included

Even though this weekly podcast does not focus just on technology, Guy Raz has probably already had everyone who is everyone in the startup and IT industry as a guest.


Future Processing’s own production, in contrast to the other podcasts on this list, delivers more than simply pre-recorded interviews with well screened IT figures. The materials offered to curious entrepreneurs are completed by webinars and offline events (subject to non-pandemic situations).

The difficulties of managing and directing an eCommerce site, “How NOT to do B2B in the IT industry,” or “Data.” Are you driving yourself or your business crazy? are only a few discussions with subject-matter specialists. The best aspect is that you may network with like-minded people by asking questions during the online events. individuals in your profession.

why it is included

Not all business people are IT experts, and not all tech experts are business people. You’ll learn how to properly blend the two in this episode.

When You Go Deep

A tech podcast is likely to provide highly specialized technical information. But it’s become more evident in recent years that soft aspects of innovation and business are as important. These days, culture and technology coexist together. Without the other, neither can advance, and vice versa.

Philipp McKenzie, an anthropologist, is aware of the complexities of that connection and how they affect businesses today. His show therefore adopts a unique strategy. Every week, he welcomes academics, explorers, and activists to discuss their findings and viewpoints on issues that affect the 21st century, as opposed to tech entrepreneurs. If you’re interested in equality, sustainability, or anything agile, this podcast is for you.

why it is included

The familiar doesn’t provide inspiration. This program is unequivocal proof of it.

The importance of soft aspects of innovation and business, however, has emerged more clearly in recent years.

Unchained In the past 12 months, have you had enough of hearing about Web 3.0, Ethereum, and DAO? Do DeFi, NFTs, and the metaverse also dominate the talks you have at work? In the realm of technology today, these are undoubtedly hot subjects. Blockchain innovation it resembles podcasts a lot. Can you really call yourself an entrepreneur if you’re not “in” yet?

The host is what conveys the legitimacy and repute of this program. A seasoned professional with years of experience writing about business, Laura Shin. She is joined on Unchained by several industry leaders as they talk about the direction this discipline is taking and how it will affect our lives.

why it is included

Laura Shin quit her position at Forbes in 2018 to devote her entire attention to this show. Because new episodes are issued every two to three days, she can follow the happenings virtually immediately.

The headline of this post mentions five podcasts, but there is one more you should listen to. So, as a BONUS, here are two:

It’s not complicated at all.

The goal of “It’s Not Rocket Science!” is to provide company leaders and owners who are eager to develop their business and impact with a novel notion for doing more with less. With the help of “five questions over coffee,” the podcast provides useful advice.

The Three Digital Pals

A fascinating collection of podcasts with non-techie hosts Chris Lord, Avril Chester, and Craig Ambler discussing all things digital.


Nowadays, there are many different tech podcasts available on streaming sites for business owners. The ones that we picked above, however, focus on context in addition to plain statistics. We are persuaded by real-world instances and case studies presented through engaging narratives and individualized experiences.

Therefore, if you haven’t already, start the first episode. You can undoubtedly find ideas for your subsequent IT project there as well.

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