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Depending on where you’re from, applying for a passport is a different customer experience.
  • Digitisation, digitalisation, or digital transformation – which is it then?If vinyl is making a comeback, why is analog data no longer “in”?What does internet marketing have to do with it? Digital transformation is a long and winding road… Not really!Don’t do “the Nokia”Get ready for the digital transformation “lessons learned” earlyConclusion 
  • Some nations, like Poland, demand in-person submission of the necessary paperwork. If you’re overseas, you can accomplish it at a consulate or one of the recognized offices in the nation. In contrast, you have two choices in the UK. Utilizing paper applications, you can apply by mail. However, because it is quicker and more affordable to do it online, the authorities advise against it.

    On the website of the UK government, you may immediately pay for your passport in addition to renewing, replacing, or updating it. And as long as it complies with the standards, the photo you upload may have been taken using a personal device.Although we cannot say whether approach is preferable, the latter is an illustration of a successful digital transformation plan used by the British government. And regardless of your company’s industry, if the government of a nation with 67 million citizens can accomplish it, so can you.

    Which one—digital transformation, digitalization, or digitization—is it?

    These days, there are many buzzwords being utilized in the IT industry. Everything is interactive, virtual, and digital. What does that actually imply for your company, though?We must start with the fundamentals in order to respond to that query. Understanding the differences between “analog” and “digital” processes is crucial.Let’s examine a recruitment scenario. Do you need new hires to sign a paper document during onboarding certifying they have finished security training? In such case, the sheet is analog. Then, do you scan that actual document and turn it into a PDF file so you can save it online? Digitalizing it in this way.

    The next stage would be to completely digitize that process. You may, for instance, permit your staff to utilize e-signature on your intranet to attest that they have finished the required training.It could entail completely simplifying the training cycle in our recruiting case. You might make it possible for your employees to complete the entire process online, from being reminded when a course is due to finishing it on the intranet within a set amount of time and receiving credit for it. After completion, a superior essentially signed off.The analog approach is no longer practical or advised for a number of reasons.

    If vinyl is making a comeback, then why is analog data not more “in”?

    Yes, “The Return of The Vinyl” may be occurring in the music industry. However, analog recordings are typically becoming less popular in other parts of the world.First of all, it’s difficult to store them effectively. They are overly susceptible to calamities caused by nature, such as fires, floods, and armed warfare.Additionally, physical copies are fairly heavy. Boxes of paperwork should not be piled high since there is already not enough room for everyone in some parts of the world.Unfortunately, stolen or manipulated analog records are also common.

    That includes things like money. You may quickly alert your financial institution to any questionable transactions if someone gains access to your online banking account. In the event that money is taken out without your permission, you may even request a refund. However, have you ever received returned stolen notes?Cutting down trees to make more paper is not a practical strategy to help the environment either, in my opinion. Although there are various ways to produce it, cellulose is still the most common.The “digital vs. analog” debate includes a point that, for every business in the twenty-first century, will make it beneficial to undergo the digital revolution. It entails advertising for you.

    What role does internet marketing play in this?

    The Google algorithm is a cruel tool. No matter how user-friendly your page is or how much you spent on the new logo, if you don’t place your information correctly, no one will even be aware that your product or service is available.

    The marketing landscape has been drastically altered by the internet and social media. Statistics show that in recent years, digital advertisements have accounted for a sizable portion of any company’s expenditure. The epidemic has also demonstrated where the present consumer demand is.It is a reality that if your company does not exist in the virtual world, you cannot advertise it online. If your target demographic includes single moms between the ages of 30 and 40, you might not need to start advertising on TikTok right now.

    However, after If used properly, online trends have never destroyed a brand.Slack, a messaging network for the contemporary office, has been successfully utilizing digital marketing, adopting out-of-the-box methods to enhance its reputation. The American corporation is renowned for frequent app upgrades, some of which don’t really address bugs. They want to modernize, enhance, and make their software even more user-friendly.Transformation may lead to modifications to the business model and the introduction of “Disruptive Innovation.” Such goods occasionally flip the entire business on its head. Uber and AirBnB are two examples.

    The road to digital transformation is long and difficult. Actually, no!

    You’ve completed the first phase of the procedure if you’ve read this far. That implies that you are interested and may be pondering whether your company need a (new) digital transformation strategy.At this point, you probably also want to know what it takes to get through it. There are no set stages in this journey, but a few checkpoints may be established to make sure you’re headed in the correct direction.Analyze your current situation, your desired destination, and the best course of action to get there.

    This section entails a careful examination of your present assets and, to some degree, company values as well. It’s also known as the “pillars of digital transformation” at times.

    Here are some inquiries that might aid in your accurate assessment of the circumstance:

    Does the culture of your business readily accept change?Are your people, including management and staff, on board with it?How will the new digital experience help your customers, staff, and business partners?Are you ready to embrace innovation?

    You should also bear in mind the following:

    who or what you would require to be successful,regardless of whether you have access to the technology that will enable you to transform,what the price will be,when it will finish,and how much it will affect business operations throughout the changeover.The hardest step is certainly this analysis. Everyone engaged in your business must fully commit to it, and you must conduct an open-minded assessment of your firm’s overall readiness for change on all fronts.

    Never pull “the Nokia”

    Recall this telecoms firm, the source of national pride for Finland? Only fifteen years ago, it was the largest manufacturer of mobile phones in the world. In addition to its products, Nokia was well-known for the popular “Snake” game, which every user—whether a child or an adult—was addicted to.Then the digital revolution in the IT and electronics sectors happened while the organization’s executives were sound asleep. Simply put, they failed to see the need for transformation when it was knocking on their door. We all know what happened to them after that.Where is Nokia today, then?

    Through a number of initiatives in virtual reality and digital health, among other things, it is slowly emerging from the abyss of technical obscurity. But despite its undeniable promise, it is unlikely to ever again compete favorably with Apple or Samsung.When you adhere to Legacy Culture and don’t put in the time and effort to meet the technical challenges of your day, as in the case of Nokia, things may quickly go south.Just a few things need to be kept in mind.

    Prepare early for the “lessons learned” of the digital transformation

    Nobody ever does something correctly the first time. However, it’s a good idea to do a digital maturity assessment to gauge your company’s capability in this area before you begin your digital transformation.You must anticipate making errors along the road, just as in any other transformative time. Since not all aspects of the digital future can be predicted at this time.Any change is a process, thus it doesn’t end when you accomplish your initial goal.

    The digital world is incredibly dynamic, therefore you need to stay on top of updates and new developments. To prevent risking data security, bugs must be continually repaired. and improvements will need to be carried out on a regular basis to guarantee that your customers benefit the most from your goods or services.Last but not least, the mindset of the workforce is the most crucial aspect of a company’s digital transition. Most initiatives fail because the team members or users are unwilling or unable to accept changes and adapt to them.But once you’ve done a good job with your digital transformation plans, things start to go south.


    Already, it is taking place all around us.It presents a great deal of difficulties on its own. But the vast majority of the information transmitted in the modern world is stored, managed, and distributed considerably more effectively in the digital world.Some businesses, like ours, are experts at assisting you with that procedure. They could view things with greater objectivity.

    They will therefore be able to offer a reasonable proposal for a digital transformation strategy that is adapted to your company’s needs and actual technical capacity.Undoubtedly, the UK government employed specialists to assist in its decision-making. Who would have imagined twenty years ago that requesting a document containing sensitive personal information could be done securely online without speaking to a government representative?

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