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In the IT world, collaborating with an IT partner is a quick and easy way for companies to get access to the skills, technology, people, and expertise they are after. Yet finding a trusted tech partner may seem daunting. How to start looking for one? Here’s a great tip!

  1. A global shift
  2. How to find the best partner for your company?
  3. What is and how does it work?
  4. What do clients say about ?
  5. Why is working with reliable companies important for ?

global change

According to NTT Services’ research, up to 45% of multinational organizations have increased their outsourcing plans in recent years.

Businesses look for dependable partners and consultants to work on vital projects because of the new technology it ensures, the cost-effectiveness of such a solution, and the ease of access to the pool of trained and experienced professionals. The transaction is straightforward, but only if the collaborators you choose to collaborate with are reliable. Otherwise, outsourcing could turn into a nightmare and you might not obtain all the advantages. For this reason, selecting the best business to collaborate with is essential if you want your projects to be successful.

How do you choose the right partner for your business?

Google is the first thing that springs to mind when considering how to discover the greatest partner or consultant to work with. Sounds simple, but there are just too many results for “outsourcing IT services” on Google for you to possibly look through them all. Although there are articles on the finest choices accessible, it might be challenging to get reliable information because many of them are sponsored.

Finding objective viewpoints is practically hard because many websites only post good customer evaluations, some businesses employ sponsored publications, and there are additional issues with paid recommendations.

A separate portal also exists that concentrates on introducing solution providers and disseminating as much data as possible about them, including reviews. is the name of it.

How does operate and what is it?

Their team gathers honest customer feedback and analyzes data from the whole industry, providing businesses with the knowledge they need to choose trustworthy partners. conducts in-depth interviews over the phone and through online forms with customers of each business they feature, asking them questions about the caliber of their services and several crucial facets of partnership. Each review includes a rating, which is shown next to the profile of each business.

You may use the website to search for the best business for the project you want to take on, either by the location in which you want your partner to be situated, the cost of their services, or the expertise they have. The marketplace on makes it easy and affordable to choose a partner, and it leaves little space for error. The popularity of website and clientele are growing every year as a result of the excellent service they provide.

What do users of have to say?

Users of believe that the service has helped them save time, effort, and money. They utilize it to look for trustworthy partners, evaluate them, and compare their ratings. From the perspective of the businesses listed on , it is among the top platforms to use.

Their websites receive traffic from it, and even more significantly, the quality of those visitors is quite good.

Why is it crucial for to partner with reputable businesses?

As the top B2B service marketplace,’s amended objective as of July 2022 is to enable smarter business decisions. To do that, they require a large number of reliable businesses that their customers may explore.

We are one of the businesses featured on , a website that gives us the opportunity to enlighten more prospective customers each year about our experience and skills. a desirable location.

There is no question. Thanks to their reports and social media presence, is a potent platform that advances clearly, fosters trust, offers open and frank feedback, and generates marketing chances. It’s an excellent tool for businesses everywhere. However, it operates both ways.

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