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Making the digital transformation is now a reality for many modern companies across the world. In this current era, businesses are making the transition from analogue to digital solutions, but with mixed success due to a lack of knowledge and expertise. What can companies do to accelerate their digital transformation? One solution is to work with a digital product consultant.

  1. What is a digital product consultant?
  2. Why are digital product consultants useful?
  3. What do digital product consultants do?
  4. What skills can digital product consultants offer a company?
  5. Summary

A consultant for digital products is what?

In general, a consultant is someone who has the ability to offer customers advice that is specifically customized to their needs in a sector in which they are an expert. The “consultant” might be a lone employee, a small team, or a huge organization offering consulting services to a client.

A particular kind of consultant that specializes in the creation and invention of digital products is known as a “digital product consultant.” Digital product consultants are experts that are familiar with every step of the process of creating digital goods including websites, apps, SaaS, online services, and so on.

Why are advisors for digital products helpful?

In order to execute methods to achieve their goals in a way that they can’t (or don’t want to) accomplish themselves, a corporation may turn to an external consultant of any sort. It’s a terrific method to bring in outside specialists to review important business areas and streamline procedures for the best outcomes.

A superb digital product consultant will assist their client in dissecting their goods piece by piece so that they can have a thorough understanding of what it entails. This entails examining everything, starting with the ‘big picture’ qualities of the digital product and the methods used to get there, and ending with the minute details. information, secret procedures, and the actual operational facts.

A skilled digital product consultant may be priceless because they can examine the product from angles you never considered and recommend ideas and modifications that are outside the purview of your present team.

What do advisors for digital products do?

In other words, a digital product consultant may help their client alter their business and its operations to some extent using digital technology. Although each digital consultant may take a somewhat different approach, they will generally go through the same stages:

the phase of discovery

Consultants conduct a discovery workshop where they provide their clients a complete roadmap of the product, including details about its features and a thorough examination of the product to completely comprehend what it is, how it operates, what procedures are involved, etc. This analysis identifies the tasks that must be completed, the users, stakeholders, and the most effective method of reaching them through the product.

The phase of strategy

The consultant’s study helps to set objectives and strategies to create a clear path for accomplishing the client’s goals after learning what the product is all about.

the stage of development

The digital product must continue to be developed, tested, and quality checked once the processes are in place to ensure that the standards and efficacy are not compromised in any manner. In order to guide development in the most crucial areas and advance the product in the most effective and efficient way possible, this stage may also involve gathering actual customer input.

The auxiliary stage

The digital consultant is then available to offer continuous assistance to their customer for the foreseeable future once the product has been mapped, improved, optimized, and is working. They will facilitate marketing initiatives, assure long-term success of the product in reaching its business goals, and aid customers in understanding their products.

What expertise can advisors for digital products provide a business?

To be successful in their work, digital product consultants need to possess a diverse set of talents. A professional team of committed consultants will bring with them a wide variety of talents and specialties that are a tremendous asset to the customer and their organization. Individual consultants may specialize in one or two particular areas.

Clients may receive assistance from digital product experts on a variety of business-related issues. Some of them consist of:

Constructing a business roadmap Recognizing the market and the customer’s business aims and ambitions.

Establishing a digital strategy utilizing technology to enhance a firm, such as process automation or cloud migration.

Developing business cases This might involve market segmentation, product scoping, digital product roadmapping and assessment, and competitive analysis.

solving problems Finding the customer’s issues and business opportunities will help you offer the best solution.

Educating – educating the customer’s team on all the digital transformation procedures and strategies that the consultants employ in order to enable future self-sufficiency and product improvement.


Consultants for digital products are a useful resource for businesses aiming to maximize their digital transformation. They are able to analyze and dissect businesses, truly dig into the smaller aspects, and offer a fresh viewpoint in addition to providing a variety of specialized talents and knowledge to their client’s business.

In order to future-proof staff efforts, digital consultants can assist adopt useful solutions in software product design and train employees on these improvements. A great strategy to hasten a company’s entry into the digital realm is to work with digital product consultants.

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